It would not be  wrong of me to say that I am a basic person, I don’t think doing unusual and abstract things can “only” create art and style, I like taking the basic things in my life seriously. I know this idea might not sound very fascinating to a lot of people from the fashion industry or otherwise, but I don’t feel only when you go out of the way to create something is when you create magic. No. For me I like who I am, I like the magic in day to day objects, I believe in the power of B-A-S-I-C-S.

But the most basic and most important women’s accesory is a fashion and trendy bag from 4bag. You can visit the fashion bag eshop ( tsantes )  and order the best and most luxury bags with oversease delivery across Europe today!

I think I have been very vocal about styling my clothes in a very subtle manner and not going out of the way to create an outfit which I feel won’t even connect to  my audience.

So if it doesn’t then why am I doing what I am doing, or how am I an influencer in their lives. Of course taking risks, over doing things and creating new things are necessary. It is. But for me going out of the way to create extravagant things is not my ladder to catch someone’s attention, my crop top just does that for me every time. So here I am styling my basic grey crop top in 5 different ways by picking up our day to day clothes which we tend to forget in our closets and giving you guys a reason to take them out and create your own magic.

Magic of the ordinary in the ordinary.





Basic outfits and women handbags!
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