In today’s article we will specifically analyze sink blockage or otherwise sink unclogging, Αποφράξεις Πειραιάς. We will tell what are the most common problems in kitchen sinks.

Kitchen sink clogging is a very common problem that we have to deal with. Over time, clogging or clogging of the sink from food, grease, small objects and papers is inevitable.

In many cases of blockage in the plumbing of a sink, the solution can be simple. By using hot water, a suction cup, removing the bend under the sink or using chemicals, you can give a solution to the clogged kitchen sink.

Sink unclogging

It is a process that requires expertise and under no circumstances do we recommend that you do it yourself.

There are tons of notes on kitchen sinks on the internet about how to unclog a sink or otherwise unclog a sink yourself, quickly and easily. Usually most of the solutions they give us are temporary and not permanent. That is, they solve the problem in part and do not strike at the heart of the problem.

Also most of the time these solutions make the situation even worse. They make your pipes useless. All things have their expert. When you are sick you call the doctor to make an appointment. You’re not trying to do your own doctoring. Prevention is the best advisor as well as doctor.

The kitchen sink and its problems

Most of the problems we face in kitchen sinks are food residues. Usually when we wash the sink, at the end we have to pick up the leftover food and whatever else is left over. If we make a proper and clean use of the kitchen sink, then we avoid many of the common problems, some of which are:

  • We avoid blockages and unclogging.
  • We give more life to our pipes.
  • We avoid bad smells.
  • We give life to our sink.

What you have to remember, is that the kitchen sink is not a waste bin. You have to clean the kitchen sink of food scraps and other leftovers, always. Do not leave the kitchen sink dirty, because the dirt will turn into a bad smell and later cause you a lot of plumbing problems.

Sink unclogging

A clogged sink is one of the most important reasons to call a culvert company. Whether it’s a clogged kitchen sink or bathroom sink or clogged drain lines often happen at the most inconvenient time. Drainage systems are one of the most important areas of maintenance that a homeowner must pay attention to in a home. We’ve put together some guidelines for homeowners to ensure your drains are in top condition all year round.

Why does my sink often clog?

There are many different reasons why a kitchen sink clogs. Let’s just consider that the sink is used every day, many times and throughout the day. So it’s normal for it to clog sooner or later. Usually the main causes of clogging a sink are food that enters the pipe, cooking fats and oils, kitchen towels, various plastics, straws and toothpicks.

What can I do to keep my sink from clogging often?

To keep the pipes of the sink as clean as possible and to reduce to a minimum the problems caused by food and grease in the pipes, you must definitely get the plastic cap that goes into the siphon of the sink that holds a large amount of food, garbage and papers . Also cleaning the drain using baking soda and using boiling water keeps your pipes clean and gives them cleanliness and hygiene without problems.

Unclogging a sink with a suction cup

The suction cup should be right in contact with your siphon. Then plug the overflow outlet with cloth or insulating tape and if there is a second sink, plug it as well. Immediately afterwards, remove the protective net from the siphon mouth and fill the sink with water so that it completely covers the suction cup. Then with sharp and quick movements make the suction cup up and down to create an air vacuum to remove the impurities from the sink pipe. Repeat as many times as necessary. Finally remove all covers and insulating tapes and pour boiling water.

Unclogging a sink with boiling water

Fill a pot with water and bring it to a boil. Carefully pour the water in a steady stream into the sink spout. Hot water is able to soften dried grease and clean the inside of the sink pipe. You can also add baking soda, salt, vinegar or dishwashing liquid to the boiling water.

Unclogging sink with wire

You can use a flexible wire or a commercially available steel wire to remove the debris by pushing the wire slowly and forcefully into the pipe. Finally pour a pot of boiling water to completely remove what is left.

Unclogging a sink with chemicals

We would not recommend this method for many reasons but mainly for its dangerousness and the serious damage it can cause to your drainage system. Remember that you must always wear a sun mask, protective gloves and the area must be adequately ventilated.

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