Tour the sweetest island, Santorini

Who would not think of an island where romance and graphic art are at their peak. As an ideal setting for the sweetest Santorini tours of his life? This island is fascinating, and not only because of its Cycladic architecture and its beautiful straits.

Santorini has something timeless, perhaps even transcendent, when one considers how it is regenerated daily, at risk and has a heart that beats loudly, despite its catastrophic history, difficulties and the constant “threat” of the volcano.


What might you want to give you on your first vacation as a couple now officially unable to afford the most romantic island in the Mediterranean? In Santorini you will find a huge variety of accommodation: from expensive and luxurious hotels with pools that merge with the vast blue sky and sea, to hotels dug into the rock, the so-called skyscrapers.

If you prefer the convenience of your commute, choose a central area, such as Fira and the surrounding villages, such as Firostefani, Imerovigli and Karterados, located in the middle of the island, for easy access everywhere.

If you want to give your romantic romance a go above, then choose one of the great hotels built along the Caldera. In Oia and Imerovigli, you can find unique hotels suitable for the occasion. See more here!

Cafe Manhattan in Santorini

For sure, what is considered a prerequisite is the endless view of the volcano, since it is undoubtedly fascinating to enjoy a fresh breakfast on the terrace or pool of your room as the golden rays of the sun shine on its black volcano and reflected by the deep blue of the sea.

“Ifestia 2014”

Don’t miss out!

The most famous event of the island is the “Volcanoes” which are organized every August. This is a representation of a volcano erupting with thousands of fireworks illuminating the sky, creating a spectacular spectacle!

Finally, is there anything more typical than the festivals in the Greek islands? If you find yourself in Santorini at this time, you have to be present, as it has musicians playing traditional instruments, with people dancing to island dances and everyone enjoying local delicacies accompanied by the famous Santorini wine.

Sunset against the background of the volcano

I hope you didn’t catch me on a stroll in Oia to see the magnificent sunset. If you did I wouldn’t do you any wrong … It is breathtaking! You will need to go to the most extreme part of Oia settlement. Of course, it’s best to be there early to find an ideal spot to sit and observe the unique colours of the sky and sea.

The gradual alternation of shades and greatness they exhale will cement their place in your memory, creating an image you will never want to leave.

An ancient settlement

As disastrous as the explosion was some 3500 years ago, so is the grandeur of its creation. Cycladic civilization has experienced one of the most dramatic eruptions in the history of Indo-European space, and the well-preserved findings of the Akrotiri archaeological site testify to the course of this civilization.

It is noteworthy that the settlement has survived almost intact due to the volcanic ash that covered everything in the volcanic eruption. The space is really amazing, as we are not talking about simple foundations but whole houses! There you can walk among the houses of another era, and some are allowed to enter.

The sleeping volcano

It may have been more than half a century since its last activity, but the volcano still vaporizes sulfur and warms the waters surrounding it, creating conditions for a natural spa. You may already be wondering how the “danger” of the volcano can be combined with your romantic trip to Santorini… And of course I have the answer!

What more idyllic than a private boat trip with a traditional boat? Equipped with large mattresses for relaxation and sunbathing, bathing, toileting, music and a staircase for easy access to the sea, you will stay for about five hours and the captain will provide you with masks and respirators if you want to discover them bottom.

If you like fishing or want to try your luck at it for the first time, the boat is equipped with fishing gear. If you are not interested in all this, there is a large table with seating on each side at the back of the boat, while a large awning provides shade and always offers wine and water.

Of course it is not the only alternative! Other excursions to the island or around the volcano can be found here. You will surely notice, when you go to admire the sunset in Oia, the boats and speedboats that sail just below waiting for the sunset. So one of your alternatives is that too! See them all here!

From morning… to morning

The fun in Santorini is widespread all over the island and all the time… To enjoy your breakfast or have an afternoon coffee, relax in one of the privileged shops in Caldera, from Fira to Oia. Don’t miss the experience of the renovated flour mill of “Mylos” in Firostefani.

Mylos Cafe, Imerovigli

If you enjoy beach bars and a combination of bath, drink and music, then the right place to find yourself is Perivolos, where the shops are in a row, next to each other. So start with a beer in Chili, continue on to the Wet Stories by pinching something and end up in Jojo for dancing until the sun sets!

I hope your strengths have not begun to leave you, because there is a continuation… After a stroll along the coastal road in Kamari, then return to Fira. It is time to roam the busy streets. Combine your drink, while still light, with Caldera’s view of the modern Crystal or enjoy a cocktail at the famous Franco’s with a backdrop of classical choral music.

Alternatively, you can visit the “Kyra Thira”, which usually plays foreign music and is famous for its incredible sangria and its huge variety of drinks.

Honeymoon trip in Santorini

If you want to step up, try the atmospheric Tango and finish off the dance with two of the island’s most popular mainstream clubs, Enigma and Koo.

Feel the heart of the island beating at your own pace, full of love, romance and hope and let Santorini be etched in your memory and in your photos forever.

Did you, finally, change your mind about that exotic island you were planning your honeymoon for?

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Tour the sweetest island, Santorini