All women want to wear clothes (καλοκαιρινά ρούχα) that highlight their femininity, their body type and flatter them. Nice and proper clothing does not go unnoticed.

Especially when what you wear suits you and highlights the parts of your body that you want to highlight. In this article of our magazine we will tell you 5 super ideas for clothes that flatter your figure and your appearance.

Off-the-shoulder dresses

Backless dresses, whether in a tight line or a looser line are equally beautiful. They highlight your back, your shoulders and your waist. You can wear mini, midi, maxi dresses in any length and wear it you will be stylish and beautiful. Whatever color you choose, you will look impressive and charming. Since the exterior itself gives a charm.

You can combine it with a pair of high sandals or high espadrilles that will give you height. If you don’t want high shoes again, you can combine it with a pair of low sandals or low sandals.

One-piece suits

Jumpsuits are a fashion trend. You can choose a monochromatic or floral jumpsuit. This is all about your taste. One-piece suits are very flattering on your waist, back, chest and legs. You can choose a jumpsuit with a criss-cross tie on the front of the chest or the back. You can also choose a full body strapless that will surely flatter your cleavage.

You can combine the jumpsuit with a pair of high espadrilles or high platforms.

Mini skirts

Short skirts definitely flatter your legs and calves. Choose a mini skirt in any color you like. It can be jeans, fabric or whatever you like and suits you. Skirts with ruffles at the end and a tie at the waist are also very trendy, which will surely flatter your waist.

Skirts are worn at all hours from morning for a coffee to late at night for a cocktail.

You can combine them with sandals, sneakers, or platforms. Whatever you choose you will be just as beautiful.


Suits are elegant and highlight your body, your waist and make you elegant and stylish. Choose a black or white suit depending on what color you like. Whatever color suit you choose, you will be elegant. If you have a few extra pounds, choose black, which will definitely hide the extra pounds. The white suit accentuates more if you have any small imperfection. Whatever color you choose, you will definitely look beautiful.

You can combine it with a pair of high pointed heels or a pair of stiletto heels.

Set skirt – top

The skirt top set is very trendy and highlights your waist, your cleavage and your shoulders. You can choose either a monochrome set, or a floral or two-tone set. Whatever you want.

You can combine the set with high espadrilles, sandals, or high platforms.

Options for summer appearances


On our morning walks in the summer months what we are looking for is a comfortable dress. Depending on your style and your mood every day, you can combine many different looks. A sure choice and everyday solution for all of us is of course a pair of shorts with a simple top t-shirt.

To make it even more chic, you can wear high-waisted shorts with the t-shirt inside. For morning excursions you can combine your favorite jumpsuit or an airy mini dress.


Our afternoon walks usually end up in evening outings but since it’s summer we can’t wear something heavy but we’re looking for something light and comfortable. A very nice option that you can find this summer are floral dresses that come in many colors and designs.

Casual clothing doesn’t necessarily mean too casual or morning, you can style it for your night out by combining with shoes and accessories. For your evening looks, choose a solid color maxi dress or even better a printed one such as a printed skirt or a midi pleated dress in pastel shades that are in fashion this year.

Depending on how we wear it, we give it the style we want, and this applies to an even greater extent for summer clothes, which by definition are more airy than winter clothes.

Vintage Style Is Back

Bold puffy sleeves on clothing are now the ultimate fashion trend. They have already been released in winter clothes and continue to be strongly present in spring and summer collections. Inspired by past decades, they bring a more vintage style in a modern way. But the best thing is that anyone can wear this design as it is not something too weird or eccentric. So if you haven’t embraced this trend yet, you still have one more season to try it out.

The dresses with ruffles, feathers and fringes, wide fabric pants, blouses and skirts with asymmetrical ends are the absolute trend of the season and will be loved by all of us.

Which summer clothes flatter you